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Palestinian markets thrive with mobile stalls; As part of the soft furniture that allows simple people to transport various goods: Jerusalem Ka’ek, vegetables, fruits and agricultural products... These stalls are part of the memories of cities through the faces of their owners, both old and young. They shout loud calling for their goods and proofing their presence in the space in order for them to move in the crowded alleys of the old town of Jerusalem.

These sounds of stalls and carts create the identity of the place and infuse it with its Palestinianness and Arabness. The craftsmen paint their colors and touches on these carts in Jerusalem as they do in Nablus and Hebron... The carts where always present on the terraces, steps, and alleys of ancient Jerusalem and witnessed its various historical stages. The mobile stalls are part of the daily life of the simple people, it enriches and decorates the street. It represents the livelihood of the simple people and their presence in the space. Soft furniture brimming with social, economic and identity connotations.

The work in your hands is an attempt to present a work of art inspired by the everyday; As a recognition of the beauty and craftsmanship of craftsmen and workers; It is an attempt to defend a crafts that resists extinction and rebelled against normative forms; And grants reconsideration to the market and its tools without falsification. Jerusalem Ka’ek, falafel, juices, Arabic coffee and children’s toys continue to be present there on the stalls; Through it, passers-by consume and fill the space; It continues to be used as a transport vehicle for furniture and goods in the narrow alleys of the old city. Stalls that sells speech, dialogue and social life between sellers and passers-by.


BastaIt is a product designed and manufactured by Palestinian designers and craftsmen

Designed by: Shireen Salman & Ghadeer Dajani

Its is of a Size 8cm *5cm made of wood , sprayed colors and some hand painted and glued pieces.

It includes only One Piece of Ornament of the trolley .

Shipping twice a week with delays on Holidays.

Painting is shipped in a bubble wrap and a carton box items for safe delivery.

Copyright By Shireen Salman Designs , 2022

All Designs in this Shop are copyrighted

Basta Ornament

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